Thank you, people!

I SINCERELY THANK ALL PEOPLE who took the grief of my family and helped save my son’s life, Eugene Aghabekov.

Today, an account of $86,300 was received for the transportation of Eugene with special medical plane to Boston. I have paid $70,000 to the account of the company.

Yes, we were not able to raise the full amount of money, but considering the critical condition of the child, Gennadiy Fuzaylov, the physician decided to immediately send an airplane and medical staff to Ukraine to save Eugene. Gennadiy Fuzaylov has also transferred the remaining funds of $16,300 personally as charitable aid. He has already agreed to put on feet Eugene with free health care. Thank you indeed, Gennadiy Fuzaylov!


From Saturday to Sunday – Eugene flies to Boston.

People, you are awesome!!! And all of this is because of YOU!!!